Human Resources Management Series

Level 1: Certified Strategic Human Resource Professional (SHRP)
As an HR manager, can you articulate your company’s business goals and strategy? Do you know how best to align your human resource tools and expertise — from recruitment, to talent management, to engagement — to support this strategy? This MBA level advanced HR management course provides a broad, organizational perspective, laying the foundation for you to identify, develop, and measure HR initiatives critical to your firm’s bottom-line success.

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Level 2: Certified Master of Human Resources Management (MHRM)
Most successful organizations claim that people are their most important asset, and that the effective management of human resources is central to their business strategy. By attending iIET’s Certified Master of Human Resources Manager (MHRM) intensive course, you will gain the recognition you deserve in your profession. The MHRM demonstrates your mastery of the technical and decision-making aspects of HR management. The MHRM course will equip participants for understanding business issues beyond the HR function. By analysing metrics and financials to design a solid business case to support your initiatives at the executive business level.

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Human Resources Management Series Requirements

Human Resources Specialty Courses

Project Management for Human Resources (PMHR)
This highly interactive and specialized course is designed to expand your understanding of project management principles for the HR professional, it will raise awareness of skills and knowledge needed to successfully execute project plans and manage change initiatives, build understanding of potential risks and pitfalls as well as provide a framework for leadership and teamwork excellence.

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