Program Overview

In this program, you will explore the key components of a powerful presence and learn and practice proven techniques to improve your ability to influence people and situations. In a supportive atmosphere, you’ll get honest feedback from your instructor and peers, benefit from improvisation and role play practice, and get a realistic idea of your current power image. You’ll then identify and practice improving your power presence. Filled with personalized coaching and intensive feedback, this is the ideal seminar for women who want to maximize their executive presence.

Key Takeaways

  • Know how body language and verbal behaviors affect your image as a leader
  • Recognize how small changes can improve your ability to be perceived as powerful
  • Use your verbal and body language in appropriate ways to increase your influence
  • Understand how powerful leaders vary and balance their verbal and body language depending on the circumstances
  • Learn how to project confidence in any business situation

Who Should Attend

Mid- to senior-level women who want to be seen as credible leaders.

Topics That Will Be Covered

  1. Creating your authentic story: What kind of leader are you? Why do you deserve to be a leader?
  2. Understanding how to demonstrate confidence and command respect
  3. Knowing how to exude positive energy when needed
  4. Targeting your body language and determining how to get results
  5. Identifying your current body language profile: Are you high or low power?
  6. Understanding the impact of other visuals such as dress, hair, makeup
  7. Dress for success. Learn the “art and science” of what to wear, how to wear it and why.
  8. Identifying image derailers and words and phrases to avoid
  9. Practicing being the “confident leader” even when you have doubts
  10. Planning your positive “self talk” and your power poses