project management for the banking sector)

The Essentials of Project Management for the Banking Sector

Program Overview

As a Banking Executive, you are already managing projects every day! Banking executives regardless of their specific role and responsibilities within the organization, must know how to manage projects in order to effectively support the business.

Most activities in the Banking Sector could be done as projects. From the building of new branches, deployment of online and telephone banking, card services, risk management, ATM networks, call center services, information technology, all the way to banking process improvement, it is imperative for the bank management staff to be well grounded in Project Management methodologies.

The Essentials of Project Management for the Banking Sector course covers the concepts and functions of project management specifically applied to the Banking Sector.

This practical and highly specialized course will help you develop project management knowledge and skills while focusing on the realities of the banking sector. With examples and case studies drawn specifically from this sector, participants will build a solid foundation in project management.

The Role of Project Management in the Bank by Functional Area:

1. Operations/IT administration/database management – Registration of customers, production of ATM cards, maintenance of the bank database and procurement of IT hardware and software for the company are the projects usually undertaken in this department.

2. Call Center – Most work or issues here are done on immediate basis. The action or inaction of workers in this unit can lead to service gap for the bank’s customers. Call Center projects include worker training, and IT improvement of phone systems.

3. New Branch Deployment– Deployment of a new branch or the upgrade of an existing one is typically managed as a project, from the stakeholder analysis to the practical designing, building, equipping and staffing of the branch.

4. Audit and Inspections– Audit and inspection visits to branches should be managed as projects as it impacts other internal customers of the bank.

Upon completion of this training course you will recieve your certificate which has been fully accredited by an official UK government recognized awarding body.

Benefits of an Internationally Accredited Certification

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Who Should Attend This Program?

This executive program has been specifically designed for Banking Professionals in all functional areas of the bank sector including:

Project Managers, Operations Manager, IT Managers, Business Development Managers, Administration Managers, Senior Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Consultants