Our Consulting Model

We will analyze your current environment, and the development of a roll-out plan will take into account your current tools, resources, and the capabilities of your organization. Depending on where you are currently at, we will take the time to train your team, deliver, implement and successfully begin to run your new initiatives.

We support learning with one-on-one coaching where necessary, to make sure we leave you with all of your resources performing at optimum levels.

Our team of experts customize programs that will precisely match your organizational needs.

Our highly specialized team comprised of industry experts and academic leaders from a variety of industries including management, finance, cyber security, economics and psychology.

The iIET will begin the design process by spending time with your subject matter experts, the people who have the expertise you need to share. We will then take the combined knowledge and apply it to creating customized training programs that connect your team to the information they need, and each other.

The International Institute for Executive Training (iIET) designs training programs that:

• Make sense to your team, to the way they learn and their available time.
• Make sense to your strategic picture, to where the whole organization needs to go.

The iIET provides a truly global perspective.



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