Certified Culture and Safety Leader (CCSL)
For many years, companies have understood that safety is critical to their success. However, it has been approached in a range of different ways; at times being over administrated in a reactive fashion, as a result of incidents or injuries. Although businesses are more readily employing specialists in the area of health and safety, many are still confused as to how they can truly harness safe approaches to work on an individual, team and organizational level.

Our Certified Culture and Safety Leader Program supports senior and middle level leaders to understand how robust workplace culture can be used effectively, to enhance both safety and performance via the application of mindful work. Many businesses are starting to realize the role that mindful approaches can play with regard to safe performance; but many are still unclear on how they could adopt this to suit their environment.

Our program will demonstrate how mindfulness works on an individual, team and company-wide level. We will show you that mindful approaches are not just about laying responsibility and accountability on the individual; but holding accountability throughout your business which all supports a better bottom line and keeps your people safe. No matter the industry, every business competes for the client dollar so to understand how your company be better positioning itself for the future by harnessing stronger culture, this program is definitely for you.

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